We're Re-Opening the BillingsBox2020 Subscriptions!

If you missed the first subscription deadline, now's your chance to STILL receive all four boxes! 

We are taking on 50 more subscribers from now until April 13th!

(New subscribers will receive their Jan & April box in April 2020. If you are already subscribed, your next box ships April 20th!)


BillingsBox 2020

BillingsBox is a Local Subscription Service!

BillingsBox is a local subscription box service where a box is delivered to your door each quarter (4 boxes total).The boxes are filled with Items provided by Billings’ amazing local Businesses! Each Individual box is valued at $50 or more (Total Value of $200+ Value in Items for the year).

As you know, Billings365 thrives on this diverse and unique community. We wouldn’t be who we are today without our local businesses and the joy that they bring to this town. So,our goal is to give you a little piece of what this community has to offer so you can get out and enjoy Billings all year round or find a new local business to support!

Past BillingsBox Contributors