Bistecca At The Granary!

The Granary has been an iconic part of Billings’ History for years. The building was made in 1935, originally acting as a milling department for the Billings Polytechnic Institute (which is now Rocky Mountain College).  

But since 1976, the Bistecca at the Granary serves as one of Billings top restaurants for fine dining and total relaxation. . .

Start your night off with tasty and shareable appetizers, like the amazing nachos, three seared crab cakes, Bianco Mussels, or their fresh calamari! 

Bistecca’s sophisticated and unique dishes can be brought to life with their variety of 22 craft beers and selections of fine wines from their large wine cellar. 

The word Bistecca is Italian for “steak” - and they live up to that name! Their creamy pastas serve as delightful classic Italian dishes. And From New York Strips to Burgers they serve only Certified Angus Beef to guarantee you’ll only have the best. 

End your night with rememberable dessert dishes(paired wonderfully with a glass of Black Lux) Such as the Stella Rosa. 

Oh & our favorite part: The shaded patio! Enjoy fresh cocktails under the umbrellas with any of these tasty food options.