Billings 365 Gals Try Yoga at Limber Tree Yoga Studios: 

For almost a whole year, the Billings365 Gals, Kayla Wolfe & Callie Keck, have gone through a major body transformation. They have each lost 85+ pounds ( and counting) with Billings Last Diet/ Ideal Protein. Not only did this transformation affect their bodies but also their lifestyle, habits, and mindset. 

Eventually Kayla & Callie “need to leave the nest” and phase out of the Billings Last Diet program, meaning flying through the real world again avoiding fast food temptation, and trying to maintain their goal weight. A good way to do this is working out, but not having done so in years and with a new body, they wanted to start with something slower… more relaxed… and the fact that this certain something would help them mentally and spiritually was just a big bonus.

That’s where Limber Tree Yoga Studio comes in...

LimberTree’s mission is “ to provide a nurturing and safe space to inspire each individual to embrace their innate divinity and greatness through the unification of Spirit/giver of life with mind and body.” Kayla & Callie will be trying all of Limber Tree’s Yoga classes and will be documenting their progress from their first class to their last. They want to document how they feel throughout the process, mentally and physically. 

Join Callie & Kayla today with one of many Limber Tree Yoga Studio’s classes: 

New Yogis, Learning Yogis, and Yogis who have been practicing for some time are all welcome to all classes, unless otherwise noted. Limber Tree Yoga Studio also offers Aerial, Pole, and Belly Dance classes.

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