Things to Know About Überbrew

● Head brewer Mark Hastings is dedicated to raising awareness of good beer, not just the beer
Überbrew sells. 👍

● Überbrew takes home awards every year; in 2016 at the Great American Beer Fest they won 2 gold medals, a silver, and a bronze. 🥇

● As the name implies, the restaurant and brewery have a German theme with a bunch of great dishes on the menu.

● To keep with the German feel, malted grains are imported from Europe so they have a distinct old world taste to them.

● Überbrew has joined the canning revolution (moving away from bottles); cans are more expensive to produce but they’re easier to transport and easier to recycle.

● A beer developed in 2016, Humulus Insani (an imperial IPA), won so many awards, and it was so popular, that it was difficult to even get a pint unless you got in as soon as a new batch was released.

● There are only a handful of flagship beers, all of which are highly rated. The seasonal rotator menu is usually larger than the flagship menu. 🍺

● Überbrew opens for lunch at 11am and serves food until 9pm. They follow tap room laws where between 11am and 8pm you can only have 48 ounces.