Angry Hank's Microbrewery

Things to Know About Angry Hank's

● Angry Hanks opened up shop in an old mechanic's garage in 2006; they have been in their current location since 2012. ⛽

● Their flagship beer Street Fight Irish Red Ale is found at dozens of restaurants around Montana. Half of the beer made at Hanks is Street Fight.

● There are 5 flagship beers, and 13 seasonal rotator beers; if your favorite isn't on tap, just return in a few weeks. 🍻

● Angry Hanks still charges just $3 per pint (with the exception of some pricier seasonals). 

● Angry Hanks gets its name from that grumpy family friend that has your best interest in mind, but really doesn't know how to express it.

● There is a 3 pint (48 oz) per patron per day rule that is strictly followed; it's Montana law!

● Angry Hanks doesn't serve food, but they do have popcorn to munch on. 🍿