Carter's Brewing

2526 Montana Ave, Billings, MT 59101

Things to Know About Carter's Brewing

  • Carter's opened in 2007. It is named after brewer Mike Uhrich's oldest son who was born right around when the brewery opened.
  • Carter's has the most rotational beers out of any brewery in Billings; some are only ever produced once, so if you like one get back in soon before it's gone! 🍻
  • Carter's has won a number of awards for their beers throughout the years. Rob Moore Abbey Ale and The Golden Boy both won a gold medal in 2014. 🥇
  • About a dozen or so local restaurants have Carter's beer on tap. So if you can't make it down, check the website to see where else you can find these great beers.
  • There's a small patio out back where you can enjoy your beer while trains go rumbling by. 🚂
  • Carter's Brewery doesn't serve food, but they have popcorn you can munch on. 🍿
  • There is a 3 pint (48 oz) per patron per day rule that is strictly followed; it's Montana law!

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