Montana Harvest: Proud sponsor of the Magic City Wellness Expo

Montana Harvest has been an invaluable part of the Montana holistic community since 1995. They are locally owned and operated out of Billings, and they offer cutting-edge supplements and superfoods as well as other diverse goods. Whether or not you are a health-conscious person, nothing is better than supporting a locally owned and operated grocery store! We all strive to support local restaurants and businesses as best we can--especially since COVID has hit. Montana Harvest falls into that category and is truly a local gem for the Billings community.

For me personally, I grew up with my grandma taking me with her to shop at local healthy grocery stores and I honestly loved it! Her family even owned one of the only grocery stores in Ohio during the Great Depression, so these businesses run in my blood. But now, as an adult, (and especially an adult that eats pretty much everything other than vegetables, whole grains, and fruit) I often feel intimidated by the “healthy” grocery stores.  Though I want to be healthier, I will avoid them as I assume they won’t have anything I like to eat or carry anything I need from my weekly shopping list.

However, I have found this opinion couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Montana Harvest. The employees are all very friendly and kind, and they are extremely willing to help you find anything and everything you need. They are all invested in what they do and truly want to help each customer however they can. Even if the store doesn't have specific items that you need from your list, someone will help you find a similar item that is most likely more delicious, more sustainable, and probably healthier than what you were originally looking for!

As a junk-food-and-fast-food-loving girl who also “wants and needs to be healthier,” I challenge anyone else in the same boat to give Montana Harvest a try! I technically can’t promise anyone anything in writing (legally…LOL); but if I could, I would say that you won’t regret stopping by this locally owned grocery! If nothing else, you will feel super healthy walking along their fully stocked aisles that smell amazing while also supporting a locally owned and operated business!!  Most of the big-box stores around here can’t give you the same warm fuzzies…just saying…!

On a side note, Montana Harvest produces “Let’s Stay Healthy” seminars once a month in their store, and they also produce and host the “Let’s Stay Healthy” radio show every Saturday & Sunday from 10:00am-11:00am on 95.5FM and 970AM. HOW COOL, RIGHT?! If you have never heard of these programs or have never had the chance to listen, now is your chance!!

So if you want to reclaim your health, this is the place for you. If you want to stick your toe in the health pool and feel out the water, this is the place for you. Even if you are already very health-conscious but want to optimize your health to the next level, visit this amazing Billings gem ASAP at 1710 Grand Avenue (at the corner of Grand and 17th Street)! 

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