What is a "Work Triangle"?

If you’re looking into building a new home or remodeling your current home, chances are you’ve run across the term “work triangle”. The work triangle is made up of the three most important work areas within a kitchen your range, sink, and refrigerator. The Work Triangle was originally created back in the 1940s to cut costs in construction. Now, fast forward to the modern-day kitchen. This is still a good rule of thumb in theory, however with open concept living our kitchens are much larger and come in many shapes and forms.

“It’s less important to have the perfect “triangle” and more important to have an uninterrupted flow. “ – Debbie Ferguson AKBD, CLIPP Designer

I think Debbie has said it perfectly. It’s more important to make the space function for you and your family than to perfect some triangle.

Now, let me give you some examples of a modern-day work area. Let’s say the only space for your refrigerator is off to the side a good walking distance away from your range and sink. This kitchen doesn’t feel very user friendly.

 However, by putting a prep sink in your island it allows you access to running water to clean your vegetables prior to putting them away. There are little tweaks here and there we can make to help make a nontraditional space still highly functional for you and your family.

This isn’t an out with the old in with the new blog. I just truly believe like most things in design the theory of the work triangle is fluid.

-Megan Reed

AKBD, CLIPP Designer                                                                                                                                For more information about Beyond the Box, click here.

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