WWMICD? “What Would My Inner Child Do?”

Picasso was a child prodigy who completed his first well-known painting at the age of 9 and his first major painting at the age of 15.  He once said, “Every child is an artist.  The challenge is to remain an artist once you grow up.” 

Children create with enthusiasm, abandon and joy; loving the process of creating.  And the product is always worthy of public display and admiration. 

 So, in terms of our creativity, if we ask the question “What Would My Inner Child Do?” (WWMICD), the answer is likely to be have fun; play with abandon and joy; and experiment without rules or judgments. 

And this is a great answer.  But sometimes our Inner Child feels insecure or simply doesn’t know what to do. 

Then the question can become, “What Would My Inner Crone Do?” (also WWMICD) 

This is a question posed by Brene Brown in an article I read in which she describes her Inner Crone as “the badass old lady who already dwells somewhere deep within me and whom I hope to fully become someday”. 

Before the Middle Ages, Crone was not a derogatory word.  “The Crones encourage us to be wild and free, they show us the strength and courage within us all.  The word Crone is derived from the old word for crown, suggesting the wisdom that emanates from the head like a halo….she is the wisdom keeper, seer and healer and midwife, whose knowledge is sought out to guide others during life's hardships and transitions. 

Anna Mary Moses (better known as Grandma Moses) didn’t pick up a paintbrush until the age of 76, when her arthritis forced her to quit embroidery.  She was completely self-taught and produced almost 1600 pieces of art - 25 of those after the age of 100! 

If our Inner Crone resembled the spirit of Grandma Moses, she might tell us to do whatever makes us happy and do lots of it.  She might say, “You got this!” and “What are you waiting for?” 

After all, you are no longer a child.  You have within you everything you need to do anything you want, including the ability to ask for help, guidance and support.  And if you don’t know what makes you happy, your Inner Wise Woman may tell you to listen to your intuition and check in with your Inner Child. 

At Crooked Line Studio, we encourage a child-like approach to discovering and developing our creative selves, guided by Wise Women and Men, within a community of like-minded supportive creatives. 

 Join us! 


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