Kids Summer Art Camps at CLS

Why Kids Need More Art In Their Lives….

We are busy as spring bee’s getting ready for those first summer blooms here at Crooked Line Studio. While winters do well to keep us indoors making art, we are ready to hit the ground rolling with summer art classes for all!

One such adventure coming up soon is our summer art camps for the kids. We are thrilled to have three themed camps planned for our budding young artists to choose from…Sailing the Art-Sea, Cosmic Creators and Rubbish Reincarnated!

Teaching after school art classes here at CLS this last year has been an amazing experience. Kids can be the ultimate art partners to create and learn along with.

One thing we have learned is how art effects little growing minds. Much like clay is hard when you first peel it from its block, once you begin warming it in your hands it begins to soften and become easier to sculpt. So too do kids soften to the possibilities art holds for them as they continue to make it a consistent part of their lives.

No matter the age, every person who walks through our doors is looking to tap into that creative spark inside themselves. It’s something as teachers we strive to encourage in everything we do with our students.

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”

– Albert Einstein

There is nothing better than when we see someone come in, highly skeptical they’ll be impressed by anything they create during their time with us, only to find out how participating in the art making process changed their whole outlook on what art can do for them. Sometimes the changes take a little longer, but class by class, we can see brighter, more confident and intrepid artists peek through. All tapping into their own unique creative talents. 

The artists and teachers here at CLS aren’t just talented at creating art, but also have the passion to share their knowledge with our Billings community. In a world searching for more connection, we can think of no better vehicle for it than art.

Art…where mistakes can become contagious doodles full of laughter and mirth. Art… where kids can explore different cultures and the history of the world without leaving the studio. Art…where everyone can share and feel welcomed to be a part of something bigger and more colorful than themselves.

We hope to see many new young faces in our studio for our summer camps and as always, we love to serve our Billings community with art opportunities for all.

Details for our summer camps are below! Happy Summer Painters!

Half and Full Days Available

Half Day: 9am-Noon (Ages: 5-15, K-2nd Half Day Only)

Full Day: 9am-4pm (Ages: 8-15)

Sailing the Art-Sea

Dates: June 12, 13, 14, 15th

Description: Come sailing with us on the ART-SEA! Where all of our art projects will be inspired by the wonders of the ocean and ocean life! Imagine designing your own treasure map, or exploring the wonders of cyanotype prints using the sun. Fun with all kinds art mediums like watercolors, oil pastels, clay and acrylic painting. Half and full day camp options are available this year. K-2nd graders will be able to come for Half Day only, but 3rd-8th graders are welcome to either option. Climb aboard ye fellow artists and let’s set our sights on summer full of artistic fun.

Cosmic Creators

Dates: June 26, 27, 28, 29th

Description: Houston we have lift off! Up off into the stars! We are taking our little cosmic creators into space where our creative inspirations will be out of this world inspired. Our mission plan includes using our intergalactic passports to visit new and uncharted planets, where kids will get a chance to create all different kinds of art…texture art, alien caricatures, designing their own time capsules, rocket ships and more! We are looking for artistic astronauts ready to launch! K-2nd graders will be able to come for Half Day only, but 3rd-8th graders are welcome to either option. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Rubbish Reincarnated

Dates: July 10, 11, 12, 13th

Description: No piece of trash is too insignificant for our RUBBISH RENOVATORS! This mixed media summer art camp will be filled with the opportunities to make art out of EVERYTHING we can get our hands on. In our project line up we’ll be making our own robot buddies, 3D Shadow box cities, Art Swaps activities and more! Textured and full of fun this is art made to take the mess of the world…and make it into art. When mom says clean up your room…we save make a piece of art out of it! K-2nd graders will be able to come for Half Day only, but 3rd-8th graders are welcome to either option. SAVE THE PLANET! MAKE MORE ART!

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