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Athletes Aren’t Born. They’re Made.

Growing up in Billings, I was surrounded by high school sports. If I wasn’t playing in one, I was always participating as a student in the cheer section or sometimes even on the sidelines as a cheerleader. . .

Sports were and still are a big deal in this town. It’s a chance for this community to come together if only for an hour under the lights or in a gym on a Friday night. Athletes in this town strive to be their very best in all sports, and sometimes getting hurt happens. That’s where AMP comes in, you may not see them at first but they’re there, on the sidelines and in the stands of most high school, college, and community sporting events. Watching. Waiting. Cheering, and ready to step in when an Athlete needs them. . .

What is AMP?

AMP is a collaboration between
St. Vincent Healthcare, Ortho Montana and Yellowstone Surgery Center, to provide sports medicine services in the communities of Southeast Montana since 1991. With a staff that includes Sports Physicians, Athletic Trainers and
Rehabilitation Specialists, their sports medicine services include Medical, Education,Outreach and Performance.

Located in Billings, Montana, Athletic Medicine & Performance (AMP) began as a collaboration between St. Vincent Healthcare and two orthopedic practices: Montana Orthopedics & Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgeons & Sports Medicine. Their goal was to help athletes prevent injuries and, if injures did occur, to provide them the absolute best medical care. In order to do so, they offered local area high schools and colleges the opportunity to have athletic trainers work with their athletes at no cost. In addition, athletic trainers - and the physicians themselves - were on the sidelines of athletic events, ready to offer assistance when needed.

Since that time, their work in communities both large and small, has helped to ensure that athletes of all ages and skill levels receive the training they need for peak performance and to stay healthy. Our performance programs have helped athletes excel in their chosen sport. Originally known as Montana Athletic Performance Program (MAEP), AMP expanded their session line-up to offer more opportunities for healthy and injured athletes.

In 2008, the two orthopedic practices merged to form Ortho Montana, while continuing to work with St. Vincent Healthcare to offer its sports performance program. Later that year, in order to expand the outreach and service efforts of its sports medicine and performance, the group added a third partner, Yellowstone Surgery Center, and reintroduced itself as AMP, Athletic Medicine & Performance.

In recent years, AMP have shifted their focus and now only provide limited performance training. Their ACL Post Op sessions focus on athletes who have undergone ACL surgery or patellar realignment, and their On the Road training is for athletes outside of the Billings area. AMP has partnered with two CrossFit gyms that provide sports performance training for Billings junior high, high school and college aged athletes throughout the year.

You can find AMP Athlete trainers in our Colleges, High Schools, and even Community Sporting Events/ Activities. See where they are.

Providing education about sports medicine is very important to AM. Thats why they provide ongoing education opportunites throughout the year for the athlete, parent, coach and the sports medicine practioner. Learn more about Education here.