Tips for Spring Adventures in Montana

March 2, 2022

Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

The Boy Scouts say, as part of their motto, to always be prepared. Whether you’re in town, enjoying the outdoors, or otherwise going about life.

Getting out and enjoying the amazing outdoors we get to experience here in Montana is a privilege that people around the country would love to have. And often, it’s one that is taken for granted as many people wait until summer to get out and have fun finding the pleasant days to be much easier to cope with than other times of the year.

If you head into the wilderness prepared for the right season, Montana has a lot more to offer than just what you can see in the few months of summer. Here’s how to maximize your spring adventures.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Montana weather is fickle. It doesn’t matter what time of year, there’s a good chance you’re going to get rained on, snowed on, blizzarded on, baked by the sun, or hit with a tsunami. But there are some reasonable patterns we can watch for.

The previous two pictures were taken the same day within a few miles of each other.

Spring brings rain. Higher up in the mountains that could be snow or rain. When you’re on your adventure in the spring, it’s very likely that you’re going to get wet.

Having the proper gear, no matter what the season, means the difference between enjoying the time despite the weather, or getting into a predicament that could result in injury or death because of the weather.

Know What to do when Things go South

No matter how hard you prepare, there’s always going to be that time when things just don’t go as planned. And that’s what often makes for a great adventure.

Many years ago, my friends and I would go on these wild adventures. Generally speaking the ones where we almost died were the best ones. Obviously we were almost never in any real danger, because we knew what to do when things went south.

Being prepared means being able to handle yourself in worst case scenarios. Basic first aid and survival skills are a must when you’re heading outdoors any time of year. But they’re especially important in the winter and spring when accidents and disruptions are more likely to happen.

Understand the Wildlife Patterns

When the winter comes, most of the animals go to sleep. In the spring, they get up and they’re cranky and hungry.

Generally speaking, animals will leave you alone if you leave them alone. But that’s not always possible as you’re traipsing through their territory.

Knowing which animals are in the areas you are visiting, knowing their patterns, and understanding which will scare you and which will kill you is essential before you head out.

Discover the Best Places to Adventure

This time of year, certain areas are going to be accessible and more fun than others. If you’re planning to climb Granite Peak, you will want to wait until later in the summer because it’s going to be cold, snowy, and quite dangerous up there until a good portion of the snow melts away.

As the thaw comes, the rivers are going to swell up. They won’t be much fun, and if you’re intent on floating them, you’re going to have a bad time.

Many of the lower lakes, however, will thaw soon and become quiet havens of great fishing before the warm weather recreation hits us.

Unsure of how it will be out there? Go and discover your world, be prepared, and be willing to turn back if things look too dicey.

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