Painting & Prose w. Brittney Hernandez

nov 2, 2021 at 6:00 PM

*THIS IS A 3 PART CLASS 2nd-16th*

What could make us better painters and artists? Do we need better drawings? More structured compositions? Better color choices? What if the answer is something deeper and closer to the heart? In this class, we want to use writing to delve deeper into our own unique wells of inspiration to find better answers to the question, " why are we painting?" This three part class will consist of a session of writing and two sessions of painting. During the writing session we will brainstorm ideas or provide writing prompts for you to use in either a short story, poem, song lyric, letter...whatever comes to mind! In our painting sessions you are welcome to paint in whichever medium you are most comfortable with (ie: watercolor, acrylic or oils, pastels, charcoal, etc). We'll be painting on an 11x14 canvas panel/paper. Subjects for the class will be based off of provided reference photos, or you are welcome to bring your own if you have a heartfelt picture you've been wanting to use. Note: If you prefer writing on a computer, you are welcome to bring your own. Every painting has a story, so for those people who love to write and listening to stories while also getting to paint with friends....This class is for you!

Painting & Prose

Where writing and painting merge…

A duckling named Hugh and being late to swim lessons….

Hugh stared from the shoreline at his siblings swimming merrily in the distance. It looked like fun, all their splashing and wagging tails zipping across the surface of the water. Fun he wasn’t having yet because he’d tarried too long watching the leaves on his favorite oak tree twinkle from the sunlight peaking between the stems. When their mother had first led them to this spot, they’d been unsure of what to make of this new place with it’s towering grasses and unusually slimy neighbors who croaked out ugly songs Hugh knew he’d never sing along with. But Hugh had loved sitting next to the tree towering over the water. Today though, his mother determined would be their first swim lesson.

Hugh knew is sister Pepper would have been the first to slip her palmates in the water. Eager to show their mother how brave and daring she could be. His other siblings would have followed her lead, not quite as daring, but very much eager to not be left behind. Imagining the moment, Hugh could picture their faces, eyes gaping wide with baited breath watching every move Pepper made. It must have been a clumsy affair getting into the water, for the ground was a maze of skid marks where slips and falls must have happened. What a sight they would have made, Hugh smiled thinking to himself. Somehow though, however awkward their entrances must have been, they had all made it out there and were now enjoying the celebration their moment of courage had earned.

Without him.

Leaning forward where the dirt and water danced together, tenderly embracing for a moment and in the next, letting go; Hugh knew he had only to take one step and he’d be off to join his family, basking in the enjoyment of the swim as well, his webbed toes itching to paddle him away. Still he hesitated, looking back and forth between them and the water, watching the sky painted surface move with the wind he felt fluttering across his downy coat.

Time hesitated as Hugh wrestled with himself. Aching to know the feelings of this big new world before him. Despairing slightly on what he’ll be leaving behind. The leaves twinkled once more as they waved with the wind almost as if they knew he was saying goodbye. Hugh watched as a leaf broke off and drifted down from the tree into the water. The current cradled it gently as it carried it off around the bend beyond his sight. Friendly travelers bidding each other farewell. Hugh whispered after it, “good luck.”

-Brittney Hernandez

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