Mysteries At The Moss: Superhero Edition

various dates 2023 at 5 pm

Are you ready to save the day? Come to the Moss Mansion and help these superheroes do what they do best and save the world! Your favorite heroes have set up puzzles and clues throughout the mansion and are waiting for you to solve them! This adventure is part escape room, part detective work, and a whole lot of superhero fun! We recommend it for super sleuths ages 6+. Players will receive a detective clipboard and will use their reading, math, and reasoning skills to unlock each puzzle, making it a special Moss experience for young and old!

(Adults – we know you love superheroes too! When purchasing admission keep in mind that while these puzzles are geared for kids, you are more than welcome to play too!)

Please keep in mind that once a time slot is booked, it will be closed out. If you want multiple people in your group and want them to pay separately, please contact us at 406-256-5100.

Mysteries at the Moss - Superhero Edition will play out on:

Thursdays in March

& April 15th, May 14th, May 25th

First Booking: 5:00pm

Last Booking: 6:30pm

Register online:

For ages 6 and up

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