Mysteries at the Moss: Harry Potter Edition

february 19th & 25th
4:00 - 6:00pm

It’s a Harry Potter Mystery! The Marauders Map has been confiscated by Filch! Lucky for you, Mogwarts wants to help you find it. The Mogwarts Castle has clues left all around, so put on your wizard or witch’s hat and explore the passageways and corridors while looking for clues and solving puzzles. This adventure is part escape room, part detective work and a whole lot of Magic! We recommend it for super sleuths ages 6+. Players will receive a detective book and use their reading, math and reasoning skills to unlock the mystery, making it a special Moss experience for young and old! (Adults – we know you love Harry Potter too! When purchasing admission, you have the option to sign up and receive your own player pieces to participate with the kiddos or you can forego being an official game player and provide puzzle solving assistance if needed.) 

Mysteries at the Moss – Harry Potter Edition will play out on Thursdays through the holiday season (except Thanksgiving Day) from 4pm to 6pm. Register online, $12 per player, $8 per non-player. For ages 6 and up. Click here for tickets

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