Intro to Bullet Journaling w. John Kennedy

apr 17, 2024 at 6:00 PM

Bullet Journaling is a way to get control of your life; your goals, habits, goals, ideas, and to do lists; all in one place. Where do you start?

  • Ask yourself some questions ….
  • What in my life do I need better control of?
  • What do I need the most help organizing?
  • How do I plan and hold myself accountable for my future goals?
  • What things do I too often forget?
  • Are there habits I want to create or monitor?

In this short class we’ll get you started on setting up and using a bullet journal to answer some of these challenges, using simple daily or weekly planning pages, and with useful lists, spreads, and habit trackers. When I was working, I needed a way to keep track of all my responsibilities, so I started bullet journaling even before it had a name. Now in retirement, I still use it to keep my life in order.

In this class we will concentrate on paper journaling, but this can easily translate to a digital version if that is your inclination. Whether you will continue with a paper journal (my preference) or a digital or online version, the concepts and methodologies are the same. Once you start, you will develop your own unique brand of bullet journaling tailored to your needs and accented by your own creativity.


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