Holiday Fun with Crooked Line Studio

For some fun holiday team building fun, we did a class at Crooked Line Studio!  They have so much to offer for this time of year including special classes, great options for shopping, and a way to relax and maybe do something new.

Our class was Reindeer Crossing with Brittney Hernandez, which was a painting using palette knives.  Painting this fun holiday piece used step-by-step instructions palette knives and oil paint. All of the supplies were provided, so we only had to bring ourselves.  Not only did we get to experience something different, but we had a great time bonding and unplugging from life for a few hours.  It was a little more challenging than we expected, however Brittney also provided snacks which always makes us more relaxed!

If you're looking for something to do as a family fun event, a special get-together with friends, or just something new to experience, consider doing one of the classes at Crooked Line!  They have some great options for kids which is also a fun idea for the upcoming break from school when you may not have many ideas of how to get everyone engaged in something not technology-centered!

And if you still have some gifts to get, they have lots of options for shopping with any type of art supplies you can imagine and art kits.  They also offer gift certificates so you can give the gift of a future activity.  Plus, everything you get here supports a local business, which is something we always love to encourage!

Learn more about their upcoming class calendar and this business here.

Originally written & published by Megan Cooper, 2023

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