Getting to (Re-Know) Angie Stiller

For those of you who have followed Billings365 for awhile, you probably recognize Angie and her business: Stiller Insurance Agency (a local branch of Farmers Insurance).  She is a long-time advocate for our community and has long supported and sponsored Billings365. You may also recognize her from the previous blog series #ThisIsBillings. Exciting news for us: we are going to be re-launching this series with Angie!!!

Angie is spirited, energetic, fun, and just enjoys life and people. She recently adopted the sweetest little boy and this process has left her "overwhelmed with love." As she has embarked on this major adventure with her son, it has also emphasized and reinforced why she's chosen the career she has. Insurance is important in all aspects of life (most everyone acknowledges this), but can be a tedious undertaking and so many people put it off or once they have the minimum in place, they don't want to revisit it again. However, Angie feels passionately about making it intuitive and comprehensive for those she works with in order to encourage everyone to have the best possible coverage in place for themselves for one simple reason:  PEOPLE MATTER. Things can be replaced, yes, but it's much more than that. People work hard. They work hard for to be in their home (or strive for a new one). They work hard for the car they drive and a car that is usually a necessary piece of getting to and from their work. They work hard to be able to retire one day and live in peace and comfort after their decades of hard work. And most importantly, people work hard so that they can enjoy experiences with the ones they love. Family, friends, getting together, going out to eat, going on vacation, new adventures... these are all the pieces of life for which we work the hardest. And it's indescribably important to make sure that these things people have worked the hardest for are taken care of and protected because they all matter.

One of the things that matters to Angie (aside from the people because she is definitely a people-person), is the Billings Community. Angie has always been vocal about her love of community and Billings in particular. She especially loves getting outside while biking, walking, or hiking. She loves the Rims and the trail system around town. And as a new mom, she has found even more appreciation for something she always loved because now she'll share it and introduce it to the little man who is the most important piece of her life. 

We are so excited to re-introduce the #ThisIsBillings series, so be on the lookout for our latest blog articles as we explore more around Billings! And if you have any ideas of places we should visit and write about, reach out to Angie or to our team at Billings365! 

Written & Published by Megan Cooper, 2023

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