Five Patios to Visit Before Summer is Over

Hey there, fellow sun-soakers and patio connoisseurs! Can you believe it? We've nearly survived another scorching summer, and let's face it – our skin has seen more sun than a beach bum in July. But guess what? The sizzle might be simmering down, but that doesn't mean our summer adventures have to fizzle out. Now that the mercury has dropped from the triple digits, it's high time we embrace the pleasant breeze and soak up the last rays on these sensational patios. I, for one, am not ready to admit that fall and *gasp* winter are coming. So let's lean into the remaining hot days and enjoy a few of the awesome patios Billings has to offer. Trust me, you'll be thanking your lucky stars you did since Billings is full of amazing places to eat and some truly awesome patios! Here are a few of our favorites that we tried and recommend enjoying before the season ends:

1. **Diamond X Beer Co:**

Okay, okay, so it's technically located in the wild, wild West end of Billings. But don't fret, my friends, because this patio paradise is worth the mini-journey. Whether you're a hophead or have a sweet tooth the size of Montana, Diamond X has you covered. Picture this: you, a cold craft brew, and a mouthwatering dessert that's so sinful, it should be illegal. Plus, they've got a corn hole setup that's practically begging for your competitive spirit. Game on!

2. **The Granary Midtown:**

Psst, lovebirds, this one's for you. If you're looking to whisk your date away to a place that oozes ambiance and sets the stage for romance, The Granary Midtown is your golden ticket. Specialty drinks that are as dreamy as a starlit night and an atmosphere that practically whispers sweet nothings – need I say more? Just remember, folks, if your date's not looking at you with heart eyes, it might be time to upgrade your dating game.

3. **The Windmill & Bar 51:**

Waterfront views, you say? Count me in! The Windmill & Bar 51 has got that picturesque pond-side dining situation going on. Imagine savoring a steak wedge while gazing at serene trees and occasionally waving at passersby on the walking path. It's like dining in a Thomas Kinkade painting, but with better food and fewer questionable facial hair choices.

4. **The Divide Bar & Grill:**

Are you the type who has the wild in your heart and a pint of local brew in your hand? Well, hot diggity dog, The Divide Bar & Grill is your mecca. Bask in the glory of the wildlife refuge backdrop as you indulge in their famous PB&J Burger – no, it's not just for kids, folks. Pro tip: add bacon--just do it and thank me later! Super kid friendly-their mac and cheese is awesome.

5. **The Vig:**

Hold onto your sunhats, because we've saved the grand finale for last! The Vig in the Heights is the ultimate hangout spot that will have you feeling like the king or queen of summer. Seriously, they've got it all – corn hole for your competitive side, cheese curds that could make a lactose-intolerant person risk it all, outdoor TVs so you don't miss a single touchdown, and misters that'll keep you cooler than the other side of the pillow. 

So, my fellow patio enthusiasts, let's not bid adieu to summer just yet. Grab your shades, gather your pals, and hit up these sensational patios before fall comes knocking on our doors. Your taste buds and tan lines will thank you, and you'll have enough memories to tide you over until summer saunters back into our lives. Cheers to patios, pals, and not letting summer slip through our sunscreen-slathered fingers! 

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