Colorful World: Exploring RED! with Brittney Hernandez

Feb 10, 2023 at 6:00 PM

Our Colorful World color mixing classes are now going to explore the vast world of color one hue at a time. Starting with, of course, the most powerful color of them all…the POWERFUL RED. Red is an often misunderstood color because of its potent power in any given situation, but it's color mixing prowess can’t be denied. As one of the primary colors, choosing which variation of red you need to suit your color mixing needs is a critical choice…but which one? Bright and awesomely warm like a Cadmium Light? Or Deep and dark and mysterious like the cool Alizarin Crimson? What about our buddies Pyrrole and Vermillion? Or even that weird Naphthol guy who just shows up randomly…

So many reds to choose from, right? Hopefully after taking this class, you won’t be scared to use any red in your palette. So in this class, we will be creating our landscape scene harnessing our focus on how different reds affect different colors. Beginners to advance painters are welcome. We will be painting on an 9x12 canvas panel using acrylics.

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