Celebrating Galentine's Day

Every February, Valentine's Day takes the focus for people to celebrate those they love and share their lives with.  And for those who watched "Parks and Rec" there is now a new celebration that recognizes our closest girlfriends and the love we have for them!

Here are our favorite ideas for throwing together a party to celebrate the women who support us and embrace us throughout the year!

  • Party Games:  Literally any games you enjoy can be played.  Versions of "This or That" can be found online, as well as other party games like "Drink If..." or "What's on Your Phone."  But of course there are the classics like charades, any board games, or team video games.  Whatever you enjoy share it!
  • Watch a movie... or THREE!
  • Craft Party!  Take a trip to the store and each pick out a craft of provide your own.  Make decorations, knit, make jewelry, anything that you will enjoy and have as a keepsake reminder.
  • At Home Spa Day:  manicures, pedicures,  face masks, etc.  Just relax and have some quiet time!
  • Favorite Things Exchange:  This can be a swap of favorite beauty products, a book exchange, or a little gift set of any other favorite things that you want to share with your galentines.
  • Make Galentine's cards for each other!  It's always uplifting to receive words of encouragement and re-affirm the special things about the special people in your life.
  • Food and Drink:  Fondue like it's the 1970's!  Charcuterie boards with berries,  yogurt, pretzels, cheeses & meats, as well as  candies or cookies.  Local sweet shops like Tea City Cupcakes, Velvet Cupcakes, Le Macron, Brockels Chocolates,  and Caramel Cookie Waffles are an easy way to appeal to anyone's sweet tooth too!  Cocktails and  mocktails round out any smorgasbord (see below for a couple of our favorite recipe ideas)!

Check out events being done by local businesses to celebrate Galentine's Day Here

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