What are the Best Outdoor Activities in Billings?

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As the largest city in the state of Montana, Billings is a melting pot of outdoor activities, natural scenery and American history.Known as Montana’s Trailhead, Billings is the state’s go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the immense natural beauty that the area has to offer. Whether you’re searching for trails to explore, rivers to fish, or even cultural centers to absorb, Billings has an outdoor activity for you.


Billings offers the ability for hikers to explore the natural beauty surrounding the city almost year-round. Some of the more popular trails surrounding Billings that hikers can enjoy include the 70 million-year-old cliffs known as the Rimrocks, or Jim Dutcher Trail that runs alongside the beautiful Yellowstone River.

The Rimrocks are perfect for a simple afternoon drive or hike, depending on how you and the family feel. You can also bike on the trail, as many locals do daily! There is plenty of on-site parking and public bathrooms available. Our favorite time to visit the trail is during sunrise or sunset. The colors that light up the sky are breathtaking!!

Hiking beside the mighty Yellowstone River on the Jim Dutcher Trail offers a paved pathway from Eastern Billings all the way up to Billings Heights. Stop at any of the community parks that are scattered along the Yellowstone, ensuring you don’t miss the man-made waterfall in Earl Guss Park or the dog park at Norms Island.


 If fishing is more of your thing, the Yellowstone River is renowned for being one of the premier trout fishing waterways in not only the United States but in the entire world.

The Yellowstone runs right through Billings and is a must-fish destination for any keen angler. The river is relatively easy to fish from a large area of shoreline running close to the city, but choosing a public access spot is your best place to start.

One such point on the mighty Yellowstone is a very nice park that’s just off the interstate known as Duck Creek Bridge. The fishing spot offers numerous trails to hike and access the river’s shoreline to fish. As the name suggests, there is a plethora of wildlife to see and listen to while you cast, including geese and goslings.


Arts and Culture

A final alternative to your classic hiking or fishing-type outdoor activities is the art and cultural attractions found right in the center of the historic city of Billings.

Just be aware that in 2021, the majority of these cultural activities will require a face covering (such as a bandana mask) to be worn, in order to be admitted. The sponsor of this article, Hoorag.com has a plethora of face coverings to choose from! Check them out here!

 Explore the Yellowstone Art Museum which first opened in the former Yellowstone County Jail back in the 1960s - An unlikely building to house an art gallery but at the same time, it’s certainly very Billings

Another must-see is the Western Heritage Center, an indoor/outdoor museum that depicts what life was like in Billings throughout the centuries.

As you can see, whatever type of traveler you may be, Billings has the perfect outdoor activity for you. Happy exploring!! Be sure to check out Hoorag.com and to tag @Billings365 in all of your adventures!


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