may 26, 2022 at 7:30 PM

“Sabra was raised in Melstone, Montana, where she was musically influenced by her parents. Her love for music began at age nine when she made her first public appearance with her dad, Roger Mack, at a Stock Growers Convention. She knew then that singing was her calling, a passion that runs deep in her soul.

After graduating high school, she packed her things and moved south, to Atlanta and Nashville, to pursue her dream of making it big. Her team was made up of a fantastic group of musicians, producers, publishers, managers, and engineers. But it wasn’t meant to be…

She came home after 25 years of physical and emotional hard work – not defeated – just tired of the politics. She knew it wasn’t just about her talent, and the frustration was becoming too much to handle.

Her dad said to her, “Come home and sing for me.”

Which brings us to tonight!

Her music ranges from Country, Blues, Gospel, Rock & Roll, and Showtunes.

As long as her heart still sings, so will her voice. Enjoy an evening with Sabra!”

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