Holiday Nights: An Amazing Experience

December 2023

Holiday Nights has made a truly magical holiday experience... and here is our complete rundown for before you go:

  • They have more than doubled the amount of lights on display this year!  Plan on spending at least an hour to roam all of the areas and take it all in.
  • They have professionally wrapped the trees so it all looks perfect!
  • There are 14 separate sections with all of the main ones in different areas.
  • There are signs with interactive QR codes that are a must for the full display experience.
  • Santa is in his sleigh for photos!  (This is included with your tickets at no extra cost.)  Not to mention all of the photo opportunities around the light displays themselves.  The perfect set ups for your holiday card photos!
  • There's a craft room set up in the main building for the kids.  Some nights this will be for cookie decorating!
  • Christmas can be heard throughout with their professional music set up and the multitude of speakers around all light display areas.
  • There will be vendors with food and drink available to buy and enjoy as you take in the lights!  This includes warm food, snacks, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  Each vendor is setting their own pricing and methods of payment, so you might benefit from bringing a little cash with you (and your ID!).

In addition to all of this, you have the option to take a ride through the old Zoolights set-up. Enter through a light tunnel and go back in time to the displays that so many of us grew up driving through. We feel this is a must as these light displays are aging and becoming impossible to upkeep. When they are done (which could realistically be anytime), they will be permanently taken down. The wagon rides are $5/person (cash).

They also have their S'mores huts set up. If you want the ultimate experience, be sure to click here to learn more about pricing and availability! Our Billings365 team rented one last year and it was truly a lot of fun and made Holiday Nights extra memorable for us.

For more information on pricing and dates, be sure to check out our events calendar!

One last note to know when you go:  please remember that the animals at the zoo will be put away for nighttime and will not be out during Holiday Nights, and that the zoo is the amazing venue for this incredible event.  If you have any questions or want to find out more about holiday nights, please visit their website: for contact info!

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