Abstract for Beginners with Brittney Hernandez

various dates and times 2023

In this beginning abstract art class, we will be exploring the concept of abstraction along with a few of the many different techniques, mediums, etc. to get you started. Abstract art is defined as “art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms colors and textures". That being said, abstract is a very broad category and this class is going to get us started down this road. This class will be perfect for painters of any level who enjoy a variety of painting mediums, so come prepared to shed your fears of failure and enjoy a fun afternoon making a mess, lol, and calling it art. This will be a longer 6-hour workshop so we can enjoy the process of creating a bit more, but we will be taking a lunch break around noon. We will be doing practice pieces first and then piece de resistance will be completed on an 8x10 prepared wood canvas.

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