zest virtual cooking class: saag feta + paneer

apr 16, 2021 at 6:00 PM

A classic at Indian restaurants, if you’ve ever tried making Saag Paneer at home, you might have thought something was missing. Why does it never taste the same!? We’ve gone out of our way to source spices and a special “secret ingredient” that will make your Saag just as satisfying as when you buy it in a restaurant!

In this class, we’ll first demonstrate the technique for making Paneer, an Indian cheese typically served with Saag, which requires a few hours to drain and press. Then we’ll make a quick dough for Roti – a buttery Indian flatbread. While the dough rests, we’ll toast and grind the spices for our Saag and start a pot of basmati rice. The Saag comes together in minutes after adding the spinach, which gives us time to cook our Roti. Our Saag will be finished off with fresh goat feta from Amalthea Dairy on Bozeman, Montana.

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110 N 29th St, Billings, MT 59101

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