St John's Summer Concert Series: Good Day

Jul 8, 2021 at 7:00 PM

The 23rd season of the St. John's Summer Concert Series. Concert begins at 7:00. Come out and enjoy the music!

It’s been a long and lonely year, but “Here comes the sun…” Hopeful words that seemed unlikely in the depths of the pandemic. Taking that lyric of optimism and so many other songs of life it is finally time to “Come Together”. And what better way to celebrate with than the wonderful songs of John, Paul, George and Ringo – The Beatles!!

“Good Day Sunshine” is the latest in David Oltrogge’s crusade to bring memories of bygone artists to the green at St John’s. The list of artists music we’ve enjoyed together has ranged from folk stylings of Peter, Paul, and Mary, to the seminal rock and roll of the Everly Brothers, to the charged social commentary of Simon and Garfunkel, and, most recently, the much–loved popular songs of Neil Diamond. Each show filled with those songs we sang and danced to, and boy, do we need a reason to raise our grateful voices now. Music which has brought the world together 50 plus years ago now is the vehicle that allows the joyful (albeit careful) launch of much missed and new–found (albeit respectful)l freedom as we greet the return of the Summer Concert Series. Dave is joined by such regulars as Tim Hathaway, Tom Blankenship, and, most recently the “voice” of the Midlife Chryslers, Hal Forseth – all long–time favorites at St John’s. A stage filled with fine musicians – Bob Meister, Tim Barkac, John Novotny, Jack Klein, Steve Noneman, and David Merkel – will celebrate the legendary songs of the most successful group of all time. “When I’m 64?” Well, many of us blew through that milestone years ago but the memorable tunes and lyrics still resonate with so many regardless of age. If you’re ready to sing old favorites, sing with us! Dance like no one is watching… Twist and shout to music which is the soundtrack of so many of our lives. Yes, it’s been a Hard Day’s Night but now’s the time for some Good Day Sunshine!!

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St. John's United  3940 Rimrock Rd, Billings, MT 59102

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