Chakra Alignment Workshop

Jul 15, 2023, 1:00 PM

Have you heard the term Chakra and are intrigued but don't really know what they are? Do you have a basic understanding of Chakras but your knowledge ends with knowing they are energy centers in our body? Do you want to learn how to tell if you have a Chakra out of balance and tools to bring them back into alignment? Learn about chakras and the tools you can use to bring them back into alignment. The tools included in this workshop are the following: Meditation Yoga Sound Therapy Stones You will create your own set of CHAKRA MEDITATION BEADS made with seven gemstones to help you focus on the Chakra you are clearing during the guided meditation. They are yours to keep to continue your practice at home. *The workshop includes yoga and a crystal bowl sound bath so bring your yoga mat and anything else you'd like to make yourself comfortable!*

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