Colored Pencil Pet Portraits with Ceilon Aspensen

various dates 2023

In this fun, low-pressure, 6-week course, we will work on a pet portrait from your own photos, or photos that I provide (your choice). You can choose to paint one of your own pets, a friend or loved one’s pet, or you can draw one of mine. We will cover the basics of good composition, color theory, and blending. We will also work on realistic drawing skills and simple techniques for easily translating your image accurately from the photo to your drawing. Since pets aren’t known for their ability to sit exactly as we would like for the perfect portrait composition, we will also work on how to remove unwanted objects and replace backgrounds and foregrounds so that they look as if they were in the original picture. Students from beginner to advanced are welcome and I will have something for everyone to take you from wherever you are (including “I’ve never done a colored pencil drawing before”) to completing a pet portrait you can be proud of. All supplies will be provided. 

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