Century Dinner 2021

apr 26, 2021 at 5:30 PM

A social evening with a hearty dinner, drinks and gaming. If you like eating, drinking a gambling this event is for you. It's a fun fundraiser. A bill with Benjamin's portrait gets you entered into the Century Game.

The history of the Century Dinner is best told in person from someone who has attended it many years. Track down one of our board members if you just gotta know what it’s all about!

Rules of the Game:

Raffle tickets will be sold for $25 each.

Tickets will be dropped in the drawing barrel. The barrel is spun, and the FIRST name drawn out wins $125. Subsequently, each TENTH name drawn out wins $125.

Those drawn out in between win our sympathy (and a consolation prize).

Drawing continues until three tickets remain.

Of the remaining three remaining tickets, the first ticket drawn wins $750, second ticket drawn wins $550, and the last ticket drawn wins $350.

Following the raffle, we will host a NILE PBR Calcutta. Buyers are bidding on which Sponsor of a PBR Bull Rider will win the PBR 1st Round on Friday, April 17. Each Sponsor will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. All proceeds from each sale will be gathered into a "pot" and subsequently be paid back, to the registered buyers of the top four individual finishers. The winners of the calcutta will be determined by the performance of each buyer’s individual Sponsor’s Bull Rider. The designated buyer will be responsible for payment of the investment to NILE, and is responsible for payment among the group. NILE WILL PAY WINNINGS TO THE DESIGNATED BUYER ONLY.

Winners will receive the following after 25% is deducted to cover expenses and raise funds for NILE Youth Programs:

1st = 40%

2nd = 30%

3rd = 20%

4th: 10%

Thank you for your support!

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