2023 Summer Art Camps for Kids! Cosmic Creators

jun 26-29, 2023 at 9:00 aM

This year we are going wild here at Crooked Line Studio and are offering not one, not two, but THREE Summer Art Camps for Kids! We are also going to be offering HALF and FULL day options for parents during the week of each camp. Kids of all ages are welcome to come and have fun during our themed weeks activities. Camps will be Monday thru Thursday. K-2nd graders will be able to come for Half Day only, but 3rd-8th graders are welcome to either option. BOTH HALF AND FULL DAY ATTENDEES WILL NEED SACK LUNCHES! Only Snacks will be provided throughout the day.

Half Day Schedule: 9am-12:30pm

Full Day Schedule: 9am-4pm

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS!! Sign up now thru April 31st to reserve a spot with our BEST PRICING! (price increases May 1st)

2nd Camp: Cosmic Creators Kids Summer Art Camp

Dates: June 26, 27, 28, 29th

Houston we have lift off! Up off into the stars! We are taking our little cosmic creators into space where our creative inspirations will be out of this world inspired. Our mission plan includes using our intergalactic passports to visit new and uncharted planets, where kids will get a chance to create all different kinds of art…texture art, alien caricatures, designing their own time capsules, rocket ships and more! We are looking for artistic astronauts ready to launch! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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