The Garage at Yellowstone Valley Brewing

Things to Know about Yellowstone Valley Brewing

● Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company is one of the oldest breweries in Billings; celebrating 21 years in October 2017.

● YVBC boasts Billings’ first tap room. They weren’t the first microbrewery in town, but they had the first tap room.

● Nearly every night of the week you can find live music playing at The Garage (the nickname given to the tap room), often free or for a small cover charge.

● There are 8 flagship beers and a handful of seasonal rotations on the menu; many of them can be bought in bottles all around Billings.

● The brewery has won just a single gold medal from the Great American Beer Festival. Back in 1998 they took home first in the Stout category, and have yet to enter another beer since that time.

● YVBC has a special fundraising program called “PintAid” where proceeds from every pint sold go toward a local charity.

● Dogs are welcome in the tap room; on any given night there are least a couple of them snacking on dropped popcorn between the tables.

● In 2010 Spirit of Montana, an offshoot of YVBC, opened as the state’s first micro distillery; a couple years later and they expanded to include a tasting room.