Yellowstone County Museum

The Yellowstone County Museum is housed in a 19th century log cabin.  The Museum includes a full lower level, the Landmarks Art Gallery and additional rooms totaling 5,000 square feet of exhibit space.  Native American artifacts, cowboy memorabilia, photos, dioramas, guns, jewelry, antique clothing and horse-drawn vehicles including a sheepherder’s wagon are exhibited.  New to the collection in 2012, a homestead exhibit recognizes the 150th anniversary of homesteading in Montana and a model T car tells the story of an independent woman working on the plains of Montana in the 1920s.  Watch for annual feature exhibits in the Landmarks Gallery.

The mission of the Yellowstone County Museum is to collect, preserve, research, interpret and promote the history and diverse culture of the Yellowstone River Basin.  We share this legacy through a full range of museum, archival and educational programs and services in order to increase public awareness and appreciation of our heritage and to enrich the cultural and intellectual lives of everyone who visits the Yellowstone County Museum.