Überbrew is a sleek, brick-lined space serving up house-brewed beers & a menu of burgers, sausages & salads.

Not a German restaurant per se, most of the menu consists of in-house creations. The name comes from the German prefix “über” meaning superlative. This name intends to communicate that the establishment brews superlative beer, and possesses superlative food, service, and atmosphere. 

One veritably Old World component of Überbrew is their taste in the malted grains used to make their beers, which are primarily imported from Europe and are lower in protein as per the master brewer’s preference.

Überbrew has made the conscious decision to can their beers rather than bottle them. This choice is in part because of the advantage in portability cans have over bottles. They believe with cans, Überbrew beers can be enjoyed in more places without fear of breaking. 

Two newer brews to highlight are the Twizze New England IPA and The Heavy, a Scottish Ale.


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