The Archie Cochrane Ford Challenge @MetraPark

Registration Fees:

Regular SCCA Members $35.00

Non-Members $50.00

First Time Autocross Drivers $25.00

We accept cash & credit cards only.

Setup starts at 6:30 am. Registration is open from 7:30 to 9:00 am. Please be there on time as late registrations may not be accepted. We will hold a driver’s meeting at 9:00 am, and start running shortly after. All drivers MUST attend the meeting in order to participate. Please try to arrive at the event site by 7:45am to ensure you have time for registration, getting your car ready, and walking the course before the meeting. We generally take a short lunch break about noon, usually about 45 minutes, and wrap up the day around 4:00 pm.

Be sure to tell us at registration if you are new to autocross, so we can get an experienced driver to show you the ropes.

Virtually any vehicle is eligible for autocross, provided it is in generally good mechanical condition & the wheel track (center to center of tires) to height does not exceed a 1:1 ratio (no taller than wide, within reason).

A brief tech inspection will be performed, checking for things like loose wheels, excessive steering slop, spongy breaks, etc. The number one cause of tech failures is not having the battery properly tied down, please double check that before the event (no bungee cords).

The SCCA classes all cars based on what the car is, and what modifications have been done. The SCCA Rulebook (there is a link on our website) contains all the classing information. Please try to class your car before you arrive but feel free to ask at an event or better yet use the “contact us” feature on our website or ask on our Facebook if you need some help classing your car before event day.


Dates and Times

  • Sunday, September 15, 2019 – 12:00 AM