REVEL at the Sense of Smell

REVEL at the Sense of Smell

The quiet calm and humidity after a thunderstorm.

Waking up to someone making coffee and breakfast.

Fresh cut grass on a warm, dewy summer day.

Sitting around a crackling fire under the stars.

Walking on a crisp fall day, the leaves crunching below you.

What happened when you read those sentences? You probably felt nostalgia. You probably felt comforted by imagining these simplistic pleasures. Mainly, you probably SMELLED these sentences. Smell is our sense that is most closely linked with memory. Before we are born, our sense of smell is already fully functioning. It is our first sense to develop. When you enjoy your favorite food, 80% of that taste you love so much is attributed to your sense of smell.

Not only is smell strongly linked to memory, smell is also highly emotive. Certain smells have the ability to make you feel a particular way. On a personal level, smell is extremely important when it comes to the attraction between two people.

Our sense of smell has the power to affect every aspect of our lives.

Catch the SCENT of something new when you attend REVEL at the Taste of Billings. There will be 11 perfectly crafted coves. Explore the captivation of all the coves, each different scent will pull you in, making you desire and crave more. The human nose has 6 million odor detecting cells, and they will all be stimulated in a way they never have been before when you immerse yourself in the luxury that is REVEL.

REVEL at the Taste of Billings is Saturday April 13th at the Billings Depot from 5pm to 9:30pm.

Billings first experimental event. REVEL will stimulate all five senses through an intersection of flavor, art, music, culture and entertainment. Get a taste of everything Billings has to offer.

The most luxurious, spectacular event of the year! REVEL is the first of it’s kind allowing each attendee to create their own experience. You decide how much fun you have. This is Carnival meets Black Tie Formal.

Join the REVELoution!

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