New Year New 'Tini @ Doc Harpers Tavern

The Holidays are over, the relatives are gone, your decorations are put away, and it's time to say goodbye to 2018. Reminsce on this past year and get ready for the new one with a Sweet & Spicy Martini at Doc Harper's: 

The Cayenne Caramel Martini

What's in this delicious looking Martini:

Well for Starters we have Russian Standard Vodka, which is #3 in the world for Russian Vodkas. 

Mix the top notch Russian Vodka with Spotted Bear Coffee Liquor

Add Caramal Cream and a splash of Half n' Half

Top with Cayenne Pepper for an extra Kick 

Stop into Doc Harper's Tavern today to start your New Year off with a kick! 

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