MoAV Coffee House

Things to Know About MoAV Coffee House:

ā— MoAV Coffee House serves delicious coffee, craft beer and wine. ā˜• šŸŗ šŸ·

ā— Their beautiful, spacious location is situated on the corner of Montana Avenue and 25th Avenue North in downtown Billings.šŸ“

ā— They often host events like Open Mic Night šŸŽ™ļø and Latte Art Throwdowns in their space. (Be sure to peruse Billings365 for all the details so you can check them out!)

ā— Their iced caramel latte is a favorite, along with their new cold brew. 

ā— If you see something that looks like a science experience happening behind the counter, that's their Siphon coffee maker. It's definitely worth getting up close and checking out!