Jozef Luptak & Boris Lenko duo Concer

Free concert in Cisel Hall on MSU-B campus Dedicated to 30th Anniversary of Velvet Revolution in (Czecho) Slovakia

Jozef Luptak and Boris Lenko return to Billings for a special Cello / Accordian(piano) concert.

Jozef and Boris both live in Slovakia but were born into CzechoSlovakia while under communist rule. This concert is their dedication to 1989 when the people of their country were able to negotiate a peaceful transition of power from Soviet communist control to a free state during what has been aptly named the Velvet Revolution, and enabled them to establish their own free market democracy.

Program to include pieces from Marian Varga, Antonin Dvorak, J.S. Bach, as well as their own solo and duo pieces.