IP "Burrito Bowl"

Ideal Protein "Burrito Bowl"

Kayla's Favorite Ideal Protien Recipe

It's super easy to make. Here's how:

✅2 cups mexi cauli rice (pan “fried” in 1/2tsp olive oil....well done....almost to the point of being burnt....trust me this is important!)

✅6-8oz ground turkey (99% lean)

✅All seasoned with homemade taco seasoning (just google “homemade keto taco seasoning.....make tweaks for your taste)

Top with hot sauce, fresh salsa (no sugar added, no cooked onions....Sams has a fresh one that is great, I love the brand Salsa God) and scooped up with nacho dorados. 

Make it your own! Use salsa crockpot shredding chicken, tofu, lean ground beef, steak! Add shredded lettuce or jalapeños!

Double Chocolate Brownie for dessert (warmed up for 20 seconds). 
I’ve been on the program 3 months and I’m not even the tiniest bit sick of this recipe! Must try!