Interior Decorating Mistakes to Avoid Making for New Home Owners!

Goofs, blunders, slip-ups, and mistakes...they are a part of life, no? But when it comes to decorating your home, they don’t have to be. ⁣

⁣Keep your home looking pulled together by avoiding these common decorating gaffs as told by expert interior designers: ⁣

• Thinking everything has to match. Matching sets may be easy to purchase, but they don’t reflect your personality. Take your time selecting pieces that yes, coordinate, but also reflect your unique style.⁣

• Using the wrong size rug. The experts say family room rugs should be big enough to fit the front feet of all furniture on the rug, so don’t skimp on size when picking out your next rug.⁣

• Hanging curtains too low. Hang curtains just below the ceiling (not slightly above the window), and allow them to extend all the way down to the floor.⁣

• Placing furniture against a wall. Unless it’s a tight space, putting sofas, chairs, and end tables against a wall often leaves large, empty spaces making cozy conversations almost impossible. Don’t be afraid to move things around and even float your furniture.⁣

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