Ideal Protein Drink Hacks

Ideal Protein Drink Hacks!

We love Starbucks, pumpkin spice and everything nice, so when we started Ideal Protein with Billings Last Diet, we were sad when we realized we had to come up with some alternatives to stay on protocol. After 100 days on this program, we think we have some pretty solid drink hacks!

1) Drink the Ideal Protein Water Enhancers! (We taste tested the Lemon one for the first time in our video!)

2) Mix a shake (we recommend chocolate, vanilla, pumpkin spice or chait) with espresso over ice

3) Get a Passion Tango Tea with NO SWEETENER (drink on its own or add 15oz of the Tangerine/Lemon enhancers)

Check out all the details and how we make the drinks in our full video here: