How can you get started with Billings Last Diet?

How Can You Get Started with Billings Last Diet?

(and what is the cost)?

It's super simple...let's break it down.

1) Make sure you are ready: 

The true first step on this lifestyle change is making sure you are ready to committ 100%. This program requires you to be all in. It really helps to think of all the things you will GAIN rather than the food & lifestyle you will lose when you begin. When starting, it is also a wonderful idea to find a buddy to tackle this journey with (plus the more of you that start together, the bigger savings you will get on the starter kit...we will mention that more in detail below).

2) Attend the seminar: 

Every single person who begins with Billings Last Diet must attend the informational seminar with Dr. Williams. The seminar lasts about an hour and you have the opportunity to sign up and get your starter kit right after it's done. They post the seminars on their Facebook page (click HERE) or you can just give them a call at (406) 294-6751 to get scheduled.

3) Sign up (and get your discount!): 

When you've made the decision to start Billings Last Diet, be sure to tell them Billings365 sent you and you will get $25 OFF your starter kit! If you and a friend start together, you BOTH receive $50 OFF each of your starter kits. 3 of you sign up together, you all get $75 OFF each of your starter kits. 4+ of you sign up together, you all get $100 OFF each of your starter kits. Not only does joining with a group give you extra support, relatability and gives you the BEST discount on your startup fees! The startup kit is currently $300 and that gets you a weeks worth of food and a months worth of supplements. After that, your food is going to cost you around $90/week (which is very reasonable considering how much money you will save on groceries!).


Day one will seem daunting. But you got this. Set yourself up for success by following the guidance of your diet coach, EAT THE SHEET and prepping/planning/preparing for each day. If you need any help, motivation or recipe ideas just browse through our Healthy Living page!

We have completed 100 days and we have absolutely never felt better!

If this is something you want to do, just know that YOU CAN DO IT! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us HERE or contact Billings Last Diet HERE.