Haunted Hallows Deluxe Night- Food & Drinks Included!

Can you brave a 1-mile walk through haunted Two Moon Park, filled with scares around every corner!?! You never know what you may encounter next!

GoUnite and the Billing's Jaycees are teaming up for one deluxe night of Haunted Hallows, complete with food trucks and adult beverages! When you purchase your ticket you are assigned a specific time to walk through Haunted Hallows with a group of 4-8 people (so no waiting in line!), a meal ticket to any of the food trucks that will be there and 2 drink tickets for beer/wine. Costumes encouraged!

You can buy tickets with friends to make up your group of 4-8 people, or let us pair you up with other fun people!

$45/ticket includes the haunted walk, dinner, 2 drink tickets for beer/wine, unlimited pop/water, and a great evening with a fun group of people!

Have kids? Bring the kids to Big Sky Imaginarium during the event for an activity packed play date filled with a fun craft, home cooked dinner and fun games before settling in to watch a movie. Kids can be dropped off anytime after 6:00pm.

1 kid = $20

2 kids = $15/kiddo

3 kids = $13.33/kiddo

4 kids = $12.50/kiddo

5 kids = $11.40/kiddo

6 kids = $10.33/kiddo