Halloween Pub Golf 2019

Grab your putter and get ready to party at the Halloween Pub Golf Classic. Saturday October 19, 2019 we’ll be bar hopping all over Billings sinking putts and sipping drinks. We golf at 9 bars, a total of 18 holes. It's a wild day & a lot of fun!

It’s never been cheaper to get in on the party! Your green fees are only $5.00 per person for a five person team - that's $25 per team!


Cold hard cash will be awarded to the top teams:

1. 5 member teams – one player is the Designated Driver

2. Registration is $25 per team

3. Cash Prizes:

          1st $300 

          2nd Place $200  

          3rd Place $100

          Best Dressed Team $125  

Opening ceremonies will begin at 10:30 am! Once the teams have been checked in we will distribute everyone evenly to the participating bars. 

The teams will run the entire bar circuit and then head to the The Final Party for the final holes and the closing ceremonies.

Pub Golf Destinations will be revealed once we get everything finalized! 

You can also pick up registration forms and drop off your $25 team fee at the Townsquare offices at 27 N. 27th St. 23rd Floor,

Register your 5 Person Team: