GRANT FERGUSON at The Pub Station

Propulsive, melodic rock guitar in the hands of Grant Ferguson is a powerful reminder of the instrument’s glory days. Influenced by some of the great axe masters: Jeff Beck, Gary Moore David Gilmour and others, Ferguson is pushing his all-instrumental sound toward a new rock vision.

Based near Red Lodge, MT Grant is a local breakout independent recording artist who has released 3 albums, multiple singles and composed award-winning music for film and dance. He has toured extensively throughout the US and now calls Montana home, where he’s assembled a “super group” of local musicians - Clay Green (drums), Erik Olson (keys) and John Keebler (bass). His high energy, melodic rock shows are getting a lot of attention in Billings, and beyond.

In his debut CD, “Decay & Devotion” (Melodik Records, 2011), Ferguson explores a broad array of sounds, some reminiscent of early Jeff Beck (“Euphoric Recall”), others more evocative of Joe Satriani (“April Song,” “November”), still others full of haunting, celtic-tinged beauty (“Gratitude,” “From the Throne” and “Devotion”). His version of “The Loner,” a tribute to the late Gary Moore, ranks among the best cover versions of the tune, and raves are rolling in.

On the heels of Grant Ferguson’s stunning debut CD came “Toward the Light” (Melodik Records, 2013), another high-energy, masterfully composed collection of original melodic rock. Like the material on his first album, Grant’s compositions cover a broad palette, from the energetic title track to the Gimouresque “Dark Soul”, to the movie-score worthy “Persephone” or the haunting, celtic-sounding “Tender Heart” and “Tears of St Kilda.” Grant’s cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” is his first vocal recording and this powerful and evocative rock version easily rivals that of the original. 

Most recently, Grant released a 3rd EP - “Departure” (2017). This collection of original instrumental rock brings power and beauty together in a truly unique way. Tracks such as “Relentless“ and "December Sky," the prog rock anthem "Gods of the Norse” and the haunting “Perpetua” are favorites at his live shows. 

This powerful guitarist and composer continues to refine his unique melodic and harmonic sense, an evolution showcased beautifully in his recorded work and live shows. 

There’s nothing like a great melodic guitar sound, and now there’s a new star on the horizon.

Dates and Times

  • Monday, July 23, 2018 – 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM