GoUnite is making it Even Easier to Have a Ton of Fun

NEW! GoUnite is Making it Even Easier to Have a Ton of Fun

GoUnite launched last spring as the solution that takes out all of the headaches of planning a night (or day) out!

A membership organization, it's also a great way to meet new people. It's inclusive of all - couples, singles, friends, whatever, there's a membership option for you!

After a few months of events, and after collaborating with its members, GoUnite has made a few changes you need to know about!

1. One Event Per Month (instead of 2)

Committment is harrrrd! One outing per month is a lot easier for GoUnite members to schedule around.

2. Lower Membership Rates

Single memberships start at just $39 and everything is included for the event - the activity, food and a couple of drinks. Everything you need to have an awesome time once a month. Couples rate is $78.  

Got kids? They still have a great rate on membership plus childcare starting at $93 for a couple with one child, $106 if you have 2 kids and scaling up from there.

See membership rates here.

3. You Can Buy Single Tickets to events without a Membership

They've been offering single tickets to events for awhile now, but you can now purchase them online making it much easier! Membership is still the way to go as you'll save some $$, but single tickets are a great way to take in a few events here and there or try before you make the membership committment.

4. Pause and Resume your Membership as needed

Sometimes life gets in the way...GoUnite gets it! Need to pause your membership for next month? No worries. Just start it back up when you're ready to join in the fun again.

5. No Setup Fee!

GoUnite has done away with the setup fee! When you sign up for membership, you'll only pay your monthly membership fee. There's also no additional fee when you pause or resume your membership.

What's the best thing about GoUnite?

Connect with others and have one of a kind experiences. Randi, GoUnite's owner, is always striving to create unique, one of a kind events for members and something exciting to look forward to each month.

Upcoming events include a Mustangs game in the 329 Club on September 9th, a Haunted Ghost Tour and Dinner at the Yellowstone Art Museum on October 13th, and a private dinner and art demonstration at Terakedis Fine Art on November 9th.

GoUnite gets you out exploring your own city and connecting with others in the community.

For more info visit gounitenow.com.