Ebon Coffee Collective

Things to Know About Ebon Coffee Collective:

ā— Ebon Coffee Collective is a coffee house located in downtown Billings. ā˜•

ā— They're known for serving their coffee creations in glass jars. They're all about reuse and sustainability, so they incentivize returning the jars by giving patrons a šŸ†“ drink after every 10 returns.

ā— Ebon's home-made food items are pretty well known and tend to be gluten-free. Their waffles, toasts and salads are delicious! (How can peach cinnamon crumble waffles be bad?!) šŸ“

ā— Be sure to look at the chalk board when you arrive for upcoming events šŸŽ™ļø and specials.

ā— šŸ–¼ļø Don't forget to check out the local art hanging on Ebon's walls.