Carson & Barnes Circus-Saurus @ Metrapark

This year the Carson & Barnes Circus is proud to present the World Debut of Circus-Saurus!

Be our guest as we transform the Circus Big Top into a time machine and embark on an adventure of a lifetime!

Experience first hand the giants of today’s world and the enormous creatures from the past.

As we take you back millions of years, the Big Top will come alive with powerful Dinosaurs and the legendary Wooly Mammoth.

For the first time anywhere Tyrannosauruses, Deinoychus, Wooly Mammoth and Asian Elephants will come together to enchant and captivate hearts of all ages.

Be sure to arrive early for the Circus Midway! Our giant menagerie of exotic animals from around the world is presented to see up close and in person, free of charge before each performance!

Elephant and pony rides are available for a small charge on the Circus Midway, along with many other exciting pre-show activities.