Book Signing & Food Tasting with Jean Petersen

Author Jean Petersen, who collaborated with Chef Barrie Boulds, on a cookbook for locavores, will be at This House of Books on Saturday afternoon, November 24 from 1 to 3. She not only will be available to sign copies of their book, but she will bring a warm dish—elk chili—and maybe a bread or a dessert, too.

From mountain streams in the west to rolling prairies in the east, Montana’s habitats and natural resources offer an abundance of culinary possibilities. The mountains provide the necessities for a delightful elk tenderloin with huckleberry demi-glace, while the prairie contributes to rattlesnake cakes with roasted red pepper remoulade. And gardens and farms statewide produce the makings of Aunt Lois O’Toole’s rhubarb strawberry pie.

Chef Barrie Boulds and member-owner Jean Petersen present locally sourced epicurean dishes that exude Montanan charm. Historical context enhances seventy-five easy yet sophisticated recipes celebrating our unique flavors and heritage.

Stop by for a signed copy of this wonderful cookbook and to have a little taste of something delicious!